Vizionary Management Team

At the core of every successful company, you will find a team that stimulates new ideas, supports concrete goals, objectives and vision, as well as pursues a meaningful common purpose.

The Vizionary concept was created by a dedicated team of professionals with varied backgrounds and accomplishments. By working together we have created a unique corporate culture with a common vision to bring digital currency into everyday use. We are on the precipice of how the world conducts business and the evolution of banking and e-commerce.

Andy Morbitzer

Global Master Distributor
Andy Morbitzer is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader with a proven record of success at the highest levels. Not only has he built large teams in the field, generating multi-million dollar income, but has also been a respected leader on the corporate team.

Prior to this phase in his life, he had a highly successful career in the investment and financial arena, having spent time working in and around Wall Street and as VP of Liberty Financial. Based on real world experience, Andy fully understands that to build stable long term profitability in a business, you have to ensure that you build loyalty and user retention in order to create long-term residual income for the masses.

Frode Berg

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Frode Berg is a highly respected sales and team building professional with over 20 years of experience and a history of success. During this time he has been a Master Distributor and has built reputation for integrity. Frode is known for being highly innovative and methodical and has also been a Marketing Consultant to various companies.

In the last two years, Frode has been developing together with his brother, a rapidly growing and successful electronic cigarettes brand in Scandinavia.

In his early career, Frode was one of the youngest and most successful store managers in Norway with an international retail chain, selling household products. This experience is vitally important to the Vizionary mission; which is about understanding the needs of the retail business in implementing the payment solutions into real world scenarios.

Ladislav Pasztor

Co-Founder - Chief Financial Officer
Ladislav Pasztor is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience not only in importing and retailing but also in network marketing. He gained his experience by working in most countries of Eastern Europe as well as in Russia. He is well respected in his native Slovakia with a reputation for thoughtful implementation of long term strategy and prudent business management. During this time he has managed the growth of a number of successful retail businesses from start-up to international expansion phase.

By working with the strategic development team for the Vizionary business, Ladislav along with Frode have been able to use their extensive experience in shaping the Vizionary mission.

The experience he brings to the Vizionary mission from the world of setting up retail operations is invaluable to the strategic development of the Vizionary business.


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