Compensation Plan

An effective and rewarding program for every member's hard work.

Vizionary Commission Plan

This commission plan is effective June 3, 2019.

Product Package Overview

For every package you purchase, you will be rewarded with a Bonus which is paid daily for 18 months. In this period, while we pay the Bonus, your OGC cannot be moved or sold.


In a 3 Star package
- You get 22% Bonus of the 3000 USDT price.
- Total Bonus will then be 660 USDT.
- Paid DAILY over 18 months = 1.222 USDT (0.040%) per day.


When you create sales and build a team, we pay you different kinds of commissions:

- Unilevel Bonus. Is paid out instantly (as soon as the company receive payment)
- Binary Bonus. Build 2 teams. You earn CV, this creates STEPS and pays you USDT
- Matching Bonus. When your team earns Binary Bonus – you get an extra Bonus
- Matrix Bonus. Earn STEPS – and help your team earn STEPS – you earn much more.

- 70/30 Bonus. 30% payout is OGC, we give you 42% Bonus in 6 months paid in USDT


Unilevel Bonus

This bonus rewards you based on the sales generated by you and your team network. This Commission is paid out instantly or as soon as the money has been received by the company. We pay this in 10 generations. The person selling get the most – 10%
Please check the table on the next page for more details.


Effective 11-July-2019


Binary Commission


Binary Commission is a bonus based on CV from your Binary downline. Every package sold in your downline generates CV. You can earn CV from unlimited levels down. Every time you have 500 CV in both your legs (teams) – you get paid 1 STEP This bonus is calculated and paid out each Monday.


Binary Commission Rules:

  • Onetime activation = personal sale of 200 CV per Leg

  • 1 Step: 500 CV per leg
  • CV is valid upto 12 months
  • 1 Step pays 70-100 USDT depending on your Recognition Level (See Below)



Recognition Pin Levels:

You can achieve Recognition for your efforts. The higher rank you achieve, the more binary commission you will get paid. Also - as you grow in rank, you will be rewarded with exclusive gifts, such as pure gold, watches and cars. Please check out the complete overview including pictures in the Recognition reward program in your Backoffice.



To earn the maximum from a STEP - you need to do a Onetime Activation - it means you need to generate a personal sale of 200 CV in each of your legs – left and right teams.

As soon as you start – you will start earning CV from your sales.
We will give 30 days to do you Onetime Activation – so you can get paid minimum 70 USDT per STEP.
If you are not qualified in the first 30 days, but you start earning steps, then you should only get paid 25 USDT per STEP, but we will hold back the payout and instead pay you 70 USDT if you do qualify on time.
However - if you haven’t done the Onetime Activation, the system will automatically make you Binary active after 30 days, and you will be paid 25 USDT per step.


As soon as you then do your Onetime Activation, you will be paid 70 USDT per step – starting from first commission run after you have completed the Onetime Activation. There is no time limit, so the faster you do it, the better for you.


Matching Bonus (MB) you get paid for helping people in your personal team network to earn binary income - (STEPS).

Qualifications Rules:

  • Personal Qualification: You must personally buy a 2 Star or higher
  • Sponsorship Qualification: You must personally sponsor a 2 Star or above in each of your legs/teams
  • Position Qualification: Place your team on the outside legs of your network tree – only those count to qualify you for Sponsorship Qualification above. Let’s say you have placed a team member left/outside and a member right, but on the inside - then you are not qualified for first level of Matching Bonus. MB is paid from your team when they earn STEPS (Binary income), no matter where they are placed, but only those on your outside qualify you

Therefore – if you want to earn more Matching Bonus, you need to focus on placing members on the outside. The table below shows which qualifications are required and the potential in the Matching Bonus:




Vizionary Leaders Matching Bonus is an extraordinary bonus that can only be achieved with dedicated work and excellent results. This bonus rewards you for helping people in your personal generational network to earn binary income, just like the Matching Bonus mentioned above, but in this case even deeper into your team network.

Qualifications Rules:

  • Personal Qualification: Must have personally bought a 4 Star Pack or above.
  • Recognition Level Qualification: CHIEF or above.
  • Matching Bonus Qualification: 3 Generations


When the above qualifications are met, the table below is the overview that will show you the passive income power of the Vizionary Leaders Matching Bonus:

When qualifications are met, you will earn matching bonus and Leaders matching bonus from everyone in your generation line, regardless of their membership type and where they are placed in your team.



Matrix Bonus

This is a bonus for helping people in your network team to earn STEPS, but to get paid the Matrix bonus YOU first need to earn minimum 1 personal STEP.

To get the maximum you need to fill up 2 Matrix’s – an ENTRY matrix & an EXIT matrix. Each matrix has 7 spots.

When you earn 1 STEP – you get the first spot in the ENTRY matrix. If your personal network team earns 6 STEPS – your first matrix is full, and you get the first spot in an EXIT matrix. If your personal network team fills out their ENTRY matrix 6 times – then your EXIT is full.


This is how a Matrix looks like in order to calculate this bonus for you:


Each full ENTRY matrix pays you 40 USDT - each full EXIT matrix pays you 160 USDT.


This way you can earn 200 USDT for each of your STEPS – but to do – YOU need to earn STEPS – and you need to help your team to earn STEPS.

If you earn 10 STEPS – you get 10 x ENTRY matrix. Each matrix is filled in from left to right, starting from the top.


You have 10 STEPS and got paid 70 USDT per step – you get 700 USDT in Binary Bonus If you help your team as described above and earn 10 x 200 = 2000 USDT extra.

To give you a trackable overview of this bonus, we use a 2x2 Binary Matrix system, where you have 6 positions below you. 2 on the first level and 4 on the second level.

Every time YOU personally earn 1 step, you get the first spot in a NEW matrix.
You can have up to 400 matrixes and they carry over from week to week without any flushing or cancellation time.

Note that this Matrix Bonus system can give significant spillover, from both upline and crossline as well as deep down from below, because IF someone doesn’t have a matrix with open free spots, these members can’t follow their sponsor – so the system will look for a member in the sponsor line above and enter the first free spot in an open matrix.

Make sure to always earn STEPS, so members below you have a matrix to fill up for you.


Qualifications Rules:

  • Personal Qualification: Must have personally bought a 2 Star or above,
  • Unqualified Steps does NOT produce a Matrix position.



Effective August 12th , 2019, Earnings will no longer have a mandatory split of 70/30 where 70% goes to your Online USDT Account and 30% goes to Mandatory Balance. 100% is your earnings now goes to your Online USDT Balance, which can be withdrawn or used to purchase additional product Gift Cards.

THIS IS THE STANDARD VIZIONARY PAYPLAN UPDATED JUNE 3 – 2019Note that there can be one or more ongoing promotions that can temporary change the data given in this commission plan overview. Check with your introducer if there current are any promos.


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